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The North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Service Club (NMARESC) will meet on Thursday August 22, 2019 at 7 PM at the North Mason Timberland Library, 23081 NE State Route 3, Belfair, WA, 98528.  This month and future meeting dates at the Library are listed below.

John WA4ELK will host this meeting as N7YGE will be at Liberty for the Gold Prospector Rally.  Here are some subjects that may be discussed at this meeting:

Is there any interest in getting Club jackets, hats, hoodies, patches …….?  Jackets were once made and they were yellow.  Yellow was chosen to help identify those people engaged in emergency service activities with MCDEM years ago.  Today a more subtle color might be in order such as forest green with red letters/logos.

Discuss what price to place on selling the old 2 meter and 220 repeaters, controller, and two GE Master II radios.  My best guess is to try $500.  The controller is worth $200. Tom is bring up the Hamtronics 2 meter repeater and GE Master II 2 meter radio and will hand it off to Lance. Fred, or Herb so I can get photos of the items and place them in a package configuration.

Discuss how the installation of the N7SK Packet and APRS stations at South Mountain went.  Thanks to John, Herb, Lance , and Jerry for getting the equipment moved to the new site and back on the air.

The new Bridgecom 220 Repeater was installed and put on the air at Zion’s Camp on August 12, 2019.  Thank every one and the Club who so generously donated to achieving the $1,300 cost of the repeater.  Also, the tower grounding system was installed. Lance lowered the 2 meter antenna in order for it to be place in a vertical position again as it was leaning.  It appears that the coverage on the 2 meter repeater got better after the work was completed.  The only outstanding work that remains on the repeater site is to level the repeater shack.

Stan KF7LTT is our new Secretary.

Open forum as usual for any other topics of interest.

I will not see you until the September meeting.  Have fun and I am sure John will make the meeting interesting.

Jerry Escalante N7YGE

*Meeting Schedule at the North Mason Timberland Library is as follows:

August (Thursday) 22, September (Thursday) 26, October (Tuesday) 22.  No meeting for November or December to break for Holidays.  Next meet for January 2020 will be announced when known.


The Club NM7E 2 meter Repeater has an output of 145.170 MHz with a negative .600 MHz offset  (144.57 MHz) and a tone of 103.5.

The Club NM7E 220 MHz  Repeater has an output of 224.260  MHz with a  negative 1.6 MHz offset (222.66 MHz) with a tone of 103.5.

Donations: NMARESC is not a non profit organization and therefore any donations made are not tax deductible. Donations will be used to support the NM7E repeaters and other club activities. Make checks payable to NMARESC and mail to NMARESC, POB 625, Allyn, WA 98524.

Or use PayPal and send donation to Thank you for your support and it is sincerely appreciated.

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